Overview - Interior Repair Services, A Full Range of Restoration Services for Your Car, Truck or RV

Our expertise covers quality repairs include repair of rips or burns as well as refurbishing leather seats. We restore damaged door panels, dashboards, steering wheels and fatigued carpet. Our reconditioning technicians can restore the seats in any vehicle to original appearance. Making interior repairs will improve the vehicle’s appearance and likely increase it’s value.

Do you have fleet or rental vehicles? Interior repairs will keep your fleet or rental vehicles looking great and can be the key to selling these vehicles faster and for a higher profit. Classic’s reconditioning technicians will restore car upholstery to original appearance.

We have a large number of loyal customers who have realized improved inventories as a result of these cosmetic repairs. Increased quality of inventory means higher profits!

We provide interior repairs to businesses including dealerships, rental agencies, auto auctions, leasing companies and body shops.

DrivePur Sanitizing for your vehicle will give you peace of mind, a safe environment and amazing results.
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Leather, vinyl or cloth we can repair your vehicle's interior. Our leather repair system is environmentally safe and restores your leather interior to a like new condition.
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Scratches, tears and burns in a RV or boat are unsightly and can reduce it's value, not to mention it's enjoyment.
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Interior Services Include:

Classic Enhancements' technicians utilize industry leading techniques and take advantage of the newest interior repair technology.